Narda RadMan 2XT / RadMan 2LT

I prodotti Narda RF Exposimeter RadMan 2LT e RadMan 2XT Radiation sono dispositivi di allarme per la protezione delle persone che lavorano in aree in cui sono presenti livelli elevati di radiazione elettromagnetica. Le antenne di radiodiffusione, telecomunicazione e radar sono fonti di forti campi elettromagnetici. Il dispositivo è indossato sul corpo e avvisa l’utente in tempo utile prima che vengano superati i valori limite consentiti.

Narda RadMan 2XT / RadMan 2LT / RadMan / RadMan XT
Narda RadMan 2XT / RadMan 2LT / RadMan / RadMan XT DatasheetEnglish Version Datasheet    
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Display and warning signals

The actual field exposure level is indicated in six steps from 5% to 200% by LEDs. The percentages refer to the proportion of the power density limit value specified in a safety standard. If the field exposure level exceeds 50% of the limit value, the device vibrates and emits a loud alarm tone. There is also a bright light in the top part of the RadMan 2 that can be easily seen from various angles. The light flashes red in time with the alarm signal. A second, more persistent alarm sounds when the 100% threshold is exceeded, warning the user to leave the danger area.

Standard compliance by means of shaped frequency response.

The permitted limit values specified in the standards vary according to the frequency. Weighting filters in the sensors of the RadMan 2 simulate the frequency response of the standard. They ensure that the alarm thresholds are correct over the entire frequency range. Settings are not necessary.

Minimal body effect

Personal monitors are generally worn on the person. RadMan 2 is supplied fitted with a suitable attachment and RF absorber that allows it to be fixed easily to a harness or belt. The RF absorber reduces the signal reflections caused by the body which would otherwise affect the result displayed by the monitor. If needed, the RadMan 2 can be released from the attachment with one hand in order to determine the field exposure away from the body with an isotropic directional characteristic.