Holzworth HX3100 Rilevatore di Fase, 8MHz – 1.2GHz

The Holzworth HX3100 Phase Detector was designed with for making phase noise measurements and to be used in an analog phase locked loops where performance is a priority . The HX3100 uses a proprietary IF circuit that maintains optimal signal to noise ratio, improving the performance over standard phase detectors typically by 3 dB to 6dB.

Holzworth HX3100 Rilevatore di Fase, 8MHz – 1.024GHz
Holzworth HX3100 Rilevatore di Fase DatasheetHolzworth HX3100 Rilevatore di Fase Datasheet Lingua Inglese   
Richiedi Informazioni
  • RF Bandwidth: 8MHz – 1.024GHz
  • IF Bandwidth: DC – 1MHz
  • LO Power: +10dBm to +16dBm
  • Phase Noise: -175 dBc/Hz at 100MHz (10kHz OS)