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Associated Research OMNIA® II 8204 4-in-1 Analizzatore Conformità Sicurezza Elettrica

OMNIA® II Model 8204 provides AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond / Continuity tests in a single DUT connection. An optional built-in 8 port scanner is available on the 8204.

The 8204 comes standard with an USB/RS-232 interface but is also available with optional Ethernet or GPIB.

The 8204 features a color TFT display that makes setting up test files, viewing results and performing tests easier than ever.

It also provides a customizable “My Menu” interface, which allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite screens.

Also new to the 8204 is our DualCHEK® feature which allows for a simultaneous Ground Bond and Hipot test.

Designed around the way you test, the 8204 is unique as your application. The 8204 provides you with customizable features and unmatched functionality.

OMNIA® II 8204 4-in-1 Analizzatore Conformità Sicurezza Elettrica
Richiedi Informazioni
  • USB RS-232, Ethernet and GPIB Interfaces Available
  • Color TFT Display
  • Customizable My Menu Interface
  • DualCHEK ® Simultaneous Ground Bond and Hipot
  • Multiple Language Settings
  • Interconnection to Modular Scanning Matrix
  • Storage of up-to 10,000 Test Steps
  • Patented SmartGFI ® Function
  • Patented Prompt and Hold Function
  • Patented CAL-ALERT ® Function
  • Patented FailCHEK ® Function
  • 40-Amp Ground Bond
  • Dual Function Ground Bond and Ground Continuity
  • Built-in Real Current Measurement
  • 4-Wire Measurement
  • AC/DC Hipot Leakage Current Offset
  • True RMS Current readings