Apex AP3380 Optical Switch Module

APEX Technologies provides the AP3380 series optical tunable filter modules that offer the C+L band tunability and attractive features. By using the MEMS technology, it de-multiplexes the incoming multi-wavelength signal and selects the desired wavelength channel using a tilting MEMS mirror as the tuning mechanism. This Tunable Filter is an ideal component for use in all wavelength selection and monitoring applications, and is particularly well-suited for applications requiring frequent or continuous tuning.

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Tuning Range

1529 to 1564 nm

1575 to 1610 nm

Min IL @ Peak1

< 4.0 dB

Bandwidth @ 3 dB

> 0.15 nm

Bandwidth @ 20 dB

< 0.68 nm

Back Re?ection

> 40 dB


< 0.3 dB

Setting Error

< +/- 50 pm

Tuning Resolution

10 pm

Tuning Speed

< 30 ms

Optical Power

< 500 mW


> 1 billion cycles

Operating Temp

-5 to 70 °C

Storage Temp

-40 to 85 °C

Fiber Type

9/125 µm single mode


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