Yokogawa AQ2200-131/132 GRID TLS Module

High Stability reference laser light sources for DWDM channel measurements. The one or two channel modules are part of an integrated optical device testing solution for the AQ2200 series frame controller platform.

Yokogawa AQ2200-131/132 GRID TLS Module
Yokogawa AQ2200-131/132 GRID TLS Module pdfYokogawa AQ2200-131/132 GRID TLS Module pdf English Version
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Flexible Frequency/ Wavelength Selection


  • Frequency (Wavelength): C-band, L-band


High-Stability Optical Output and High SMSR


  • High-stability output level: ± 0.03dB
  • High-stability frequency(wavelength): ± 0.3GHz (± 2.4pm)
  • Output level: +9dBm or more
  • High SMSR: 45dB


Available with two laser types to suit test application

Standard Type


  • Tunable to one of 100 G, 50 G, or 25 GHz grids
  • Wide line width: 3 MHz
  • Ideal for optical fiber amplifier measurement system


Advanced Type


  • Tunable to arbitrary grid frequency with min. 100 MHz steps
  • Fine-tuning capability with min. 1 MHz steps (at grid setting mode)
  • Narrow-line width: 100 KHz
  • SBS suppression
  • Ideal for digital cohereny ststem


Examples of Measurement Application


  • Optical fiber amplifier measurement system


Measurement Application


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