Apex AP3314 Optical Power Meters Modules

APEX Technologies AP1000 Platform provides fast, accurate and flexible optical power measurements utilizing the AP3314 Optical Power Meter modules. With high performance and a wide range of functions, the AP3314 Optical Power Meters modules are powerful tools to answer the user’s requirements. They extend the optical power measurement capability by offering two different power ranges, available with 1 or 2 inputs per module. The standard power range provides a measurement from -80 to +10 dBm. The high power range extends high power measurement capability to +33 dBm, and offers a power range from -60 to +33 dBm.

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AP3314A-1 (one input +10dBm max)
AP3314A-11 (Two inputs +10dBm max)

AP3314A-3 (one input +33dBm max)
AP3314A-33 (Two inputs +33dBm max)

AP3314A-13 (Two inputs; one +10dBm max plus one +33dBm)

Wavelength range

800 to 1700 nm

Calibrated wavelengths

980,1310, 1480,1550,1610 nm

Photo diode


Fiber type

9/125 to 50/125 μm

Display range(*2)

-70 to +10dBm

-50 to +30dBm

Display range after zeroing(*2)

-80 to +10dBm

-60 to +30dBm

Max. permitted level


+30dBm (+33dBm few min)

Intrinsic uncertainty(*1)

± 0.21 dB (±5%)

Overall measurement uncertainty

-80 to +10dBm
980nm ±0.5dB ±0.2nW
1310~1610nm ±0.2dB ±0.1nW

-60 to +30dBm (+33dBm few mn)
980nm ±0.5dB ±20nW
1310~1610nm ±0.2dB ±10nW

Optional optical connectors

FC (female): Different styles of optical connector interchangeable adapter (ST/SC/…) and bare optical fiber adapter can be defined by customer.

Fiber type

Single-mode or Multimode 9/125 or 50/125 µm

Ambient temperature

Nominal range of use −10°C to +40°C ; Storage and transport −40°C to +70°C


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