Apex AP1000-5 Optical MultiTest Platform

The AP1000-5 can accept up to 2 plug-in modules. These Plug-in modules are automatically recognized after insertion. The user can control the equipment with the 5.7 inch sensitive screen or with a mouse and a keyboard (three USB ports are available on the front panel). An internal memory is available and measurements, grids and setups can be saved/loaded in .txt format. The user can take the control and perform data transfer with a computer through GPIB or ethernet. It is also possible to take the control of the equipment through the internet from anywhere in the world. Optionaly, a trigger synchronized with the Optical Tunable Laser Sources modules can be added.

AP1000-5 Optical MultiTest Platform
Richiedi Informazioni
  • Accepts up to 5 Modules
  • GPIB and ethernet remote control
  • 5.7 inch touch screen


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