Yokogawa DL850E / DL850EV ScopeCorder

Measure and analyze a wealth of signals in real-time and speed up development and fault finding.

The DL850E ScopeCorder is a powerful portable data acquisition recorder and oscilloscope that can capture and analyze both transient events and trends up to 200 days. Using flexible modular inputs it combines measurements of electrical signals, physical (sensors) and CAN / LIN serial buses and is able to trigger on electrical power related and other calculations in real-time.

DL850E/DL850EV Yokogawa ScopeCorder
DL850E/DL850EV ScopeCorder Yokogawa English Datasheet
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Flexible and Swappable Input Modules With Built-in Signal Conditioning

DL850E Modular InputChoose from 19 types of input module and install up to 8 in a ScopeCorder at a time to configure a ScopeCorder up to 128 channels.

  • Voltage & Currents
  • Sensor Outputs
  • Temperature, Vibration/Acceleration, Strain, Frequency
  • Logic Signals & CAN / LIN and SENT

Precise Measurement of Fast Switching Signals Even in the Harshest Environments

Individually isolated and shielded input channels provide high-resolution and high sample rates.

Real-Time Evaluation of Dynamic Behavior within Power Applications

Trend calculations such as active power, power factor, integrated power, harmonics and more using the new power math option.


A Trustworthy Measurement Platform for Durability Testing

Measurement recording up to 200 days to the large 2 Gpoint acquisition memory, the internal hard disk and/or PC hard disk.

Reduce Time Spent on Fault Finding

Capture transient signals even during long term measurements using powerful triggers and unique features such as dual capture & history memory.

Fast and Large Acquisition Memory

A ScopeCorder is equipped with a large & fast acquisition memory up to 2Gpoint and enables high sample rates of up to 100MS/s on multiple channels simultaneously. This is ideal for viewing multiple inverter switching outputs simultaneously.
  • Standard memory 250MPoint
  • Expanded memory 1GPoint (/M1 Option)
  • Expanded memory 2GPoint (/M2 Option)

Giga Zoom Engine II

Zoom into 2 Billion samples in just a blink of the eye. Each ScopeCorder is equipped with the revolutionary Giga Zoom Engine II, a powerful processor designed for optimizing access to data seamlessly. It is possible to activate 2 zoom windows while displaying the entire original signal.


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