Yokogawa 701944 High Voltage Passive Probe, 1000Vrms / 400 MHz

100:1 PROBE

This probe is well suited for high voltage, higher bandwidth single ended voltage measurements at an affordable cost. It is compatible with Yokogawa oscilloscope models DLM2000, DLM4000, DL/DLM6000, DL9000, SB5000 and DL1700. See also 701945 for the 250MHz bandwidth version of this same probe.

Richiedi Informazioni
  • Bandwidth: DC to 400MHz (-3dB)
  • Attenuation Ratio: 100:1
  • Input resistance: 50MΩ
  • Input capacitance: 7.5pF
  • Compensation Range: 10pF to 50pF
  • Rise Time: <900ps
  • Max. input voltage: 1000Vrms, 6,000Vpeak
  • Probe Length (coax): 1.2 meter
  • Standard accessories include: ground leads, solid tip, spring tip, ins. cap, pincher tip, tool, safety alligator clip, color-coding rings


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