SCI 260 Ground Bond Testers Series

Our 260 Series makes Ground Bond testing simple. We offer two models so that you can have a simple and easy-to-use Ground Bond tester that provides the output current you need to satisfy NRTL specifications. With an intuitive interface that allows you to set-up a test in seconds and practical security settings, our 260 Series can easily be deployed in both laboratory and production line environments.



Richiedi Informazioni
• Memories 5
• Remote I/O Input: Test, Reset, Interlock
Output: Pass, Fail, Test-in-Process
• Voltage Drop Display (optional) Display the voltage drop across the circuit instead of the
resistance measurement.
• Voltage Limit Settings 264 0.00 – 6.00 VAC
266 0.00 – 9.00 VAC
Resolution: 0.01 V
Accuracy: ± (2% of setting + 0.02 V)
• Offset Limit Settings 264 0.00 – 4.00 VAC
266 0.00 – 6.00 VAC
Resolution: 0.01 V
Accuracy: ± (2% of setting + 0.02 V)
• Security Option to turn On or Off, when On you can switch between two
security levels:
1. Run – Operator can only run a test. No ability to change
memory locations or edit test parameters.
2. Mem – Operator can run a test and change memory locations.
No ability to edit test parameters.


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